Guiding Principles

“For the best return on your money, pour your purse into your head.”
Benjamin Franklin
“It's not how much money you make, but how much money you keep, how hard it works for you, and how many generations you keep it for.”
Robert Kiyosaki
“How did they become millionaires? How do they control spending? They create an artificial economic environment of scarcity for themselves and the other members of their household”
Millionaire Next Door

About Us

While other websites want to micromanage your money and want you to hand over the keys to your money, will never ask for your bank account information. The only relevance that information has is to marketers who want to buy your transaction information and sell you more products. Here at we help you manage your wealth. All we need are your current balances, monthly payments, and interest rates and we can tell you when you will be out of debt.
It's math, not snooping.
What you spent last month at is irrelevant. Because this month you have the right mindset. You have the mindset that doesn't spend frivilously. You have the mindset of a saver, not a spender. is here to track your wealth, not your spending. We believe in limiting money available to spend and maximizing the growth of your net worth. We don't believe that your budget is permission to spend or that every dollar has a job. The "job" of most dollars is to sit around and wait for an opportunity. Not be thrust into what you think is an opportunity based on your current information the hot second you earn it.

What We Do

Manage Your:

  • Budget
  • Investments
  • Debt
  • Time

Track Your:

  • Income
  • Assets
  • Net Worth
  • Debt Snowball


  • Mutual Funds
  • Gurus

What We Don't Do

Ask For:

  • Bank Account Numbers
  • Bank User Names
  • Bank Passwords

Waste Your:

  • Time

Test Your:

  • Patience

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Mesa, AZ 85275


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